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Here are some tips for filling out game sheets correctly to ensure that stats are 100% accurate.


> Circle your starting goalie
> Minutes played
> Goals allowed
> Shots on goal


> If handwritten, place skaters in numerical order
> If on stickers, cross off all scratches
> Suspended players needed to indicate (1/1, 1/2, 1/3 etc.)

Online Rosters:

> Jersey numbers must match both game sheet and online roster
> Players who are AP's but be registered on the website as "AP"


> Please make sure that the lighting is good and resolution is high



P - what period

NO - players jersey number

SERV - number of player that served penalty

PEN - what penalty was ( abbreviation )

MIN - how many minutes penalty was

OFF - when penalty was called ( use time on clock ) 

START - when penalty started

ON - when player went on the ice from penalty box

If you would like to be added to list be please contact