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Application for Westman Highschool Hockey League Graduation Scholarship

Deadline – FRIDAY May 21st, 2021

Hand in to your Teams Supervisor who will forward it to the Scholarship Committee by the date above

Each Scholarship will require the Grade 12 graduating athlete to complete the application process.        
You must submit the following documents in order to be considered.
Applications must be submitted with:

  • This Page

  • A transcript, signed by your principal

  • A letter of reference from a teacher and from one of
    your coaches

  • A letter from you including an explanation of your post-secondary plans and why you think you are a deserving candidate of this scholarship. Please include in your letter how many years you have played in the Westman High School Hockey League.

You must submit the entire package prior to May 21st to be considered for the scholarship.  The successful candidate will be chosen by the Westman High School Hockey League Scholarship Committee.  Each candidate will be judged on their academic standing, participation in the league, and their letters of reference.