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Hamiota Huskies

Regular Season 2018-2019

Upcoming Schedule!

Game 1 vs Dauphin @ 8:00 PM in Hamiota
Practice Saturday 16th @ 2:00-4:00 PM in Hamiota
Game 2 vs Dauphin @ 7:30 PM in Dauphin - CUP
Game 3 vs Dauphin @ 8:00 PM in Hamiota (if Necessary)



1 Virden Breneman Daniel Breneman Murray Crampain ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔ Robinson Crampain ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔
2 Minnedosa Crampain Waddell Lane Allan Mervyn Tolton Sutherland Maddess Sanders
3 Nov 11 Dauphin in Birtle Lewis 👍👍👍👍👍 Hawtin Couvier Crampain 👍👍👍👍👍 Charney Oertel Greer
4 Nov 16 Souris McNabb Daniel Lawn Robinson Breneman Gerelus Couvier Allan Hawtin
5 Nov 25 GCB Maddess Charney Waddell McNabb Lewis Greer Stainer Daniel Breneman
6 Dec 7 Sandy Bay Robinson Sanders Couvier Crampain Oertel Murray Tolton Caldwell Gerelus
7 Jan 6 Boissevain Gerelus Lawn Caldwell Maddess Stainer Robinson Oertel Crampain Lane
8 Jan 18 Roblin Tolton Lane Murray Breneman Charney McNabb Hawtin Murray Sutherland
9 Jan 19 Virden in Birtle Mervyn 👍👍👍👍👍 Greer Oertel Sutherland Crampain Stainer Lewis Sanders
10 Jan 25 Vincent Massey Allan Caldwell Sanders Daniel Breneman Hawtin Greer Couvier Maddess
11 Feb 3 Deloraine Oertel Crampain Robinson Lawn Lane Mervyn Lewis Charney Waddell
12 Feb 5 REMP Murray Sutherland Allan Tolton Crampain Stainer Caldwell Lawn Mervyn
13 Feb 10 Rivers Waddell Couvier McNabb Murray Lewis Sutherland Gerelus Hawtin Greer
14 Feb 15 Daniel Breneman Lane McNabb Crampain Tolton Robinson Sutherland Maddess
15 Feb 16 Charney Greer Lewis Crampain Oertel Lawn Murray Sanders Stainer
16 Feb 22 Caldwell Sutherland Couvier Mervyn Waddell Greer Lane Tolton Oertel
17 Feb 28 McNabb Gerelus Stainer Sanders Maddess Couvier Crampain Allan Daniel
18 Mar 5 Crampain Allan Robinson Murray Lewis Charney Gerelus Lawn Hawtin
19 Mar 13 Sanders Hawtin Waddell Daniel Stainer Murray Caldwell Greer Couvier
20 Mervyn Tolton Maddess Allan Sutherland Robinson McNabb Breneman Waddell
21 Hawtin Lane Oertel Caldwell Breneman Gerelus Mervyn Lewis Charney

Door / 50-50 Workers: Please be there 1.5 hours prior to game time.
Kitchen Workers: Please be there a minimum of 1 hour prior to game time and stay until all clean up is complete.
Clock Workers: Please make sure clock & mic's are working & you have the game sheets prior to game time.

Please remember that if you cannot work your shift it is your responsibility to find  or switch with someone else.

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