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Hamiota Huskies

Regular Season 2019-2020

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Practice Schedule
Tuesdays - 8:30-10:00 PM 
Thursdays - 8:00-9:30 PM

Other Dates
Playoffs February 24th - March 27th
Provincials in Rivers - March 12th - 14th

Worker Responsibilities

Door / 50-50 Workers: Please be there 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to game time.  We will share the duties of 50/50 between the door workers, often the upstairs door has to stay at the door for a longer period of time - it makes it a little more enjoyable to share the 50/50 duties!

Kitchen Workers: Please be there a minimum of 1 hour prior to game time and stay until all clean up is complete or our players are gone after the game, especially the visiting team.

Clock Workers: Please make sure clock & mic's are working & you have the game sheets prior to game time.

Please remember that if you cannot work your shift it is your responsibility to find someone else.


Game Upstairs Door Downstairs Door 50/50 Penalty Doors Score Clock GameSheet Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2 Kitchen 3
Fri, Nov 8th Sheane Layne Tolton Kawchuk McNabb Waddell Norrie Mervyn Kent
Tues Nov 12th Johns Sutherland Bennett Allan Murray Crampain McConnell Rozdeba Clark
Sun Nov 24th Murray Tolton Clark Johns Rozdeba Waddell Lane Bennett Sutherland
Fri Dec 6th McConnell Crampain Mervyn Norrie Kent Waddell Kawchuk Allan Sheane
Fri Dec 20th Allan Johns Norrie Mervyn Rozdeba Waddell Waddell Crampain Kent Murray McNabb Tolton
Fri Jan 10th Kawchuk McNabb Bennett Clark Sheane Waddell Johns McConnell Sutherland
Fri Jan 17th Tolton Sutherland McConnell Johns Kent Waddell Bennett Mervyn Clark
Fri Jan 31st Sheane Rozdeba McNabb Murray Allan Waddell Norrie Lane Tolton
Sat Feb 1st Crampain Mervyn Kawchuk Norrie McNabb Waddell Rozdeba Sheane Bennett
Tues Feb 4th Lane Norrie Bennett Kawchuk Rozdeba Waddell Mervyn Johns Tolton
Fri Feb 7th Kent Clark Allan Crampain Sutherland Waddell Lane Bennett Norrie
Wed Feb 26th Norrie Bennett Johns Clark McNabb Waddell Kawchuk Crampain Waddell
Sun Mar 1st

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